Tuesday, February 18, 2014


                                                Just                       NEAT

                                                                   Silver Patron Neat
                                          ( Simply a Double of Silver Tequila not Chilled )

                                                                Lets Get It Started ! Yay !

Lets Roll , we got our Shoes , now time to 
set up the Score Board

Action on the Lanes

1st Game , Whats the Score ??!!!

We are now going for some Refreshments + Some more Games , 
We are Coming Back ~

Going in The Cocktail Lounge must mean Business

What should We Order

Yessss Start Pouring

Ok onto the Snacks & You'll see the Combo ordering Results

Pitchers of BEER & Hot Wings
Best Gaming Combo !

Arcade Time

Claw Grab & Win

Good Old PAC MAN !

Back to Our Lanes

Somebody got 4 in a Row !

Spare !


STOP! Time for a New Set Up !
Refills !

Ahhhh Time to Turn in Our Shoes , We Had Soooo Much 
FUN !!!!
Return Trip in Order !


Sunday, February 2, 2014


                                                                 APPLE MARTINI

                            Absolut Vodka / Dekuper Sour Apple Pucker Schnapps / Apple Juice

                                                       HYATT REGENCY CENTURY PLAZA

       Sooo We are at the HYATT REGENCY CENTURY CITY PLAZA , Sooo Many of our Peeps          Coming in Town for the Seasonal Awards : DGA ( Directors Guild Awards ) , SAG ( Screen Actors Guild Awards ) , GRAMMYS .... & So Many More Like OSCARS !!! Well , The HYATT Here in CENTURY CITY Seems to be the HOT SPOT !

We Enter & We SEE " LOBBY BAR " FANTASTIC !!! But We Must Find our GHOST RIDERS that have Flown IN for the DGA Awards & Begin the Sip Sip of COCKTAILS HOTEL STYLE !!!

                                          Must AVOID the GERMS ,  Space Age Sanitize !

                                                              " GERMSTAR " LOVE IT !!!!!

Off the Elevator & Grabbing the Honories so We Can Start the Taster's Choice !

Sooo We Catch Up , Come Down from the 8th Floor & Think Maybe Not the Lobby Bar , Let's Go to the South of the Hotel & BREEZE ~

Soo We Thought Maybe We'll Be a LiL Laid Back & Chill in the BREEZE LOUNGE we Didn't want to Do Formal Dining , But No Seats Available @ the Bar for Us , So Let's Cruise to the LOBBY ~

& Then that's a LiL Too Crowded , BUT GREAT DIRECTION from LOBBY BAR to the NEXT SUCCESS " X - BAR " North HOTEL !

OK it's ABOUT to PIPE UP !!!!

You Will See !

We are Running Past this , Onto the OUT DOORS ~

WOW ! It's a lil Dark from the Camera lens  But : We See Fire Pits, Sports TV Projection on the Outdoor Walls & Open Patio View of CENTURY CITY ; Power Towers House such AGENCIES as : CAA  ( Creative Artist Agency ) need We Say More ~

Hmm What Shall We ORDER ?!


Absolut Vodka / Dekuper Sour Apple Pucker Schnapps / Apple Juice


Well We're about to P A R T A Y ~

DJ Party Mode , Peoples Dancing & Party Fever !!!

While Dancing Up a Storm the Cozy Private Booths Change from Blue , Green to Red 
Fun & Festive !

We need to grab a Seat & Quench our Thirst ~


Patron Silver Tequila / Patron Citronge Liquer / Lime Juice / Lemon Juice

Let's Go Check out the Party on the Other Side @ the Bar ~

Just Pass the Party Spy Cam there's the

Party @ the BAR !

We're Taking it All In & Going to catch a lil bit of Air before We Might Have to Call it a Night ~

We LOVE & will be Back !