Sunday, June 23, 2013


                                                                      JAI ALAI

                                            Anejo & Blanco Tequila + Lime Juice + Orgeat

                                                   The Great OutDoors ! We Love It !!!!!!!

                                                           To the ROOFTOP  Please ,
                         We're Moving On Up to the Top , to the Deluxe COCKTAILS in the Sky!

                                           My Oh My !  Wait til You See the Panoramic View ~

                                               But for Now Lets Start the Munchin & Chuggin !

                                            MMmmmmmm ! Do Fries Go with that Shake ?

                                                               THE CUE SOUTHSIDE

                                                   Gin + Cucumber + Mint + Lime Juice


  Our Appetizer :   NORI NACHOS - Crispy Rice Crackers , Tuna Tartare with a Spicy Salmon Roe

Semi - Panoramic View , LA LA LA Land , Sweet !

Now ?

The ROOF Philosophies ~

                                      " Always Do Sober What You Said You'd Do Drunk "

                           " Reality Is An Illusion That Occurs Due To The Lack Of Alcohol "

Let's Tour a Lil Bit More & Munch Some ~

Side View of Bar & Sunset is Happening ~

                                                             Shrimp & Mango Ceviche


Bourbon + Raspberries + Lemon Juice + Honey

                                              We are here Til After Sunset , that is a Good Sign !

                                                           Lets Look Closer to the Bar ~

                                                        Yes They Stock All We Need

                          The Fire Pit , Wish We Could Have Gotten A Better View ,
                                                                      So Many Love It & It's Gotten Crowded ~

                                 Ok , Repeat / Reminisce the View & The  Dranks are Great !!!!  

                                            Ahhh , it's Time for Us to Leave Just to Return ~

                       The ROOF on WILSHIRE @ The HOTEL WILSHIRE : We Love !!!!


Friday, June 14, 2013



( We Have Named it : QUILAGINGER )

Silver Patron Tequila + Lime + Ginger Beer

Ok We Cocktailers decided to go to one of our Fav Hoods : Los Feliz ( La,CA.) to do a Lil Sipping at THE GRIFFIN

We Enter a Corner Brick Building one level on Los Feliz Blvd & Boyce Ave to a Church / Castle Feel,
Arched High Ceilings and Open View to the BAR ( we name it The PulPit )

We have missed the Great Happy HR , but that ain't gonna stop us !

Examining the Drink Menus , We Noticed there were No Named Specialty Cocktails other than at Happy Hour Which We Have Missed, So the Bartender ask Us what are your Taste Buds  Feeling ?

In One Breath We Reply : 
" Strength of Tequila , Tart & Sweetness at the Same Time , But NOT A MARGARITA " !

So Our " NO NAME COCKTAIL " was soon presented :



         Now Let's Tour ~

We Have Parked and See the Sign : THE GIFFIN

Oooo , we are passing the Front Caged Patio to Enter at Side Entrance ~

We look at the Time then at the Sign and Think Maybe they Won't notice that We Have Arrived a Hour Past Happy Hour 

                                       Here We Are , Heading to the PulPit let's wash away our Sins ~

What's On the Menu ?




     TASTY  Tasty , Let's Look Around Some More ~

                 Church Feel , High Ceilings , Castle Like with Open  Drop Down Fire Place Pit ~

                                     Caged in Patio so it's Cozy and not right out on the Street.

                                       Needing some Tunes / Jams  ,  Juke Box will Provide ~

                                          On Our Way to the Back Room Bar for Another ........

                                                                           To Another ~

                                CHEERS ! ( Another No Name Cocktail / QUILAGINGER )

We'll be Back ~

THE GIFFIN is Sooo Cool they Don't even have a Website Per- say :


Sunday, June 2, 2013


                                                                       KS MOJITO

                             Flor de Cana Rum + 2 Types of Bitters + Mint + Sugar + Fresh Lime

                    Tri - Color Mojito Based on a Recipe from the Queen Park Hotel in the 1920's

                                   Here We are ~ KILLER SHRIMP in Marina Del Rey , CA.
            There used to be several Locations in Cali , but now 3 have all come together into 1
                                          with a Great View on the Water in the Fab Marina

Swig Some Back & have some Great Famed :

                                                                       Killer Shrimp

Famed Dish amongst plenty more to choose from , this Peel to Eat Shrimp in Spicy Broth with French Bread to Soak up that Spank of a Sauce / Broth that Helps Us Down a Few more Cocktails to Boot !
                                                                       TOUR TIME

           Full House Eating & Dranks / Watching some Sports , We Find a Spot with a View !

                                                   On Display & they Serve some of this ?

                             Under Marilyn's (Staircase) is a Private Room for Parties & More ?!?

Ok it's Time ~


                               Espolon Tequila + Orgeat (Almond Syrup) + Fresh Lime + Nutmeg

                                        A Delicious "Almond - Like " Margarita Variation

                                          Oh Yes , Shrimp Cocktails Ambience & Sports !

     Shrimp by the Sea with a Lil Hollywood (Marilyn Monroe) + Cocktails & Sports (Ali / Kobe)


There's an addition ! KILLER CAFE ! Have Breakfast / "Hair of the Dog" !!!!!

                                                                 SILVER PATRON NEAT

                       Silver Patron Tequila + Served Straight Up + NOT Chilled ( Shots in a Big Glass )

Cheers Back @ You as We have Got to Leave cuz it's Late & the Car Service is Here to Deliver Us Home Safely ~

A Repeat Spot !!!!!